Thursday, December 17, 2015

2016 Yamaha YXZ 1000R from El Paso Dealers Of Utility Vehicles: Pioneer In Side-By-Side Sports Ride

Yamaha has introduced the 2016 YXZ 1000R in an attempt to boost its range of Side-By-Side (SxS). This model features top-of-its-class technology to make it suitable for off-road driving. It boasts of features that no other SxS has, making it a unique addition to the industry. Find out more about its features below.

First-of-its-Kind Engine

While most in the SxS class use twin cylinders, the YXZ 1000R features a three-cylinder four-stroke 998cc unit. A Mikuni injection system is responsible for fueling, using 41mm injectors. Another good quality of the YX 1000R is its responsiveness. With the five-speed sequential transmission with a torque limiter, this model ensures responsive gear shifting that will give you better control. Moreover, the transmission comes with the On-Command System that provides you a choice in driving modes from 2WD, 4WD, to 4WD with Differential Lock with just a simple turn of a dial.

Driver-Focused Interior

With the YXZ 1000R, you can find the best driving position for you. There are eight different positions available in both seats, while the steering wheel is adjustable. This allows you to be more comfortable when driving. Another feature that you may enjoy is the Electronic Power Steering system, which helps you have a better grip of your wheel even at low speeds on rough terrains.

The 2016 YXZ 1000R is an innovation, something that aims to make a mark in the industry. You can be one of the people to own this model. All you have to do is go to dealers of utility vehicles in El Paso, TX, and let them assist you.

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